Moving Assistance, Storage Trailers - Job Site Trailers

Storage & Job Site Trailers

At Your Location

Great for:
Residential, Manufacturing, Construction,
Retail, Schools, Government

    20', 40', & 48' long
    Doors on one end or both
    All containers fully reconditioned, they work well and look good
    Storage is moveable, wind, water tight and rodent-proof.

Semi Trailers

    40' to 53' Storage
    Refrigerated/Freezer units available
    Delivery charge - $75/hr


    Fully climate controlled
    Full lights & electric in the office and the storage area too.
    Includes steps
    $75/hr delivery & set-up

Move Your Way!  


If you want HASSLE FREE, innovative moving choices, you've found the right moving company. That's because we're here to do it any way YOU want it done.

Reduce your stress and ensure a smooth move with Any Way You Want It. We're revolutionizing the moving industry with Individualized Moving Plans.

Sit down with our trained and experienced personnel and devise a moving plan at no cost to you. We will produce a bid proposal based on your needs.


Select from the following options:

  U-Haul Truck or Trailer Rental  - You do all the work

  Go to for more information or just click on the U-Haul Logo below.


  Trailer Rental - Various sizes to 7 x 16 - You do all the work

  Semi Trailer Rental - 40' to 53' trailers - You pack and load at your pace, we do the driving

  Packing & Loading Assistance - We can help you pack and load everything or just use us for the heavy stuff

  Limited Professional Moving Service - You pack, we load, drive and unload

  Standard Professional Moving Service - We pack, load, drive and unload

  Complete Professional Moving Service - We pack, load, drive, unload, unpack and haul away the mess

  Rental of Moving Equipment, to help you with your move
    - Appliance dollies
    - 4 Wheeled carts
    - 2 Wheeled carts
    - Piano Boards
    - Piano dollies
    - Moving blankets

  Moving & Packing Supplies for Sale
    - Standard boxes S, M, L, XL
    - Specialized boxes
    - Dish packs
    - Mirror packs
    - Wardrobe boxes
    - Lamp boxes

  Climate Controlled Service - From one piece to a whole household

  Boxing, Crating & Shipping Service

  For more information: 1-800-542-0036